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nah only warhammer 40k mods can be made for dow, atleast as people say, and were just discussing our...

11th September 2007 21:09

hmm maybe... not so good idea in my opinion though

11th September 2007 20:09

umm is it only i that can see it perfectly? O.o

10th September 2007 20:09

umm ice works fine for me

10th September 2007 00:09

do someone think they could do this sword?

9th September 2007 20:09

you understand that people?

9th September 2007 19:09

how long? too someone else has posted?

9th September 2007 18:09

okay my base is in a cave, with two turrets and two sm tactical squads defending the opening

9th September 2007 17:09

horror of tzeentch or any other horrow wont work

9th September 2007 03:09

Ok Then This Topic Is Going Back Online!

1st September 2007 04:09

got it to work :)

31st August 2007 17:08

hmm looks good 100/10

17th September 2007 00:09

its only supposed to be one

30th July 2007 20:07

i didnt understand some parts, but it seems okay to me p.s your avatar is from wc3

10th August 2007 17:08

search around google

8th August 2007 14:08

nope but people like to speculate about dow2, and this is just an game-play thread where people can...

5th August 2007 23:08

nids? who said anything about nids?, you dont need nids or daemonhunters or witch hunters or alien h...

4th August 2007 13:08

those too

3rd August 2007 18:08

nothing in the worlds (w40k) history other than ig have ever been in an building in the middle of an...

3rd August 2007 14:08

its his first damn post! and how the hell are they inbalanced if they are weak?

2nd August 2007 20:08

O_O are this guy a 5 year old person? i mean chaning models like the easiest thing in the whole game...

2nd August 2007 18:08

for hl came out AFTER ja

1st August 2007 16:08

í liked the comedy thing it was so funny

31st July 2007 20:07

or you could just create an new module and then set requiredmod.3 = (module name of mod), and set th...

31st July 2007 20:07

either put two mods in the same folder, or you could just make an special file where it stands Requi...

30th July 2007 21:07