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Originally posted by Matrix Katarn Hey all, I just got done with my first file, the M4a1/m9berett...

1st August 2003 08:08

thnx i just maked my own soundmod but it was taking a wile because i didnt know the name for the ge...

15th September 2003 01:09

pleass i really want to know can someone tell me how to make a server-side mod??

27th September 2003 08:09

thnx m8

26th September 2003 18:09

can you ad me to youre msn i got a nice weapon pic for the allied and axis weapon colt and p38 my m...

25th September 2003 00:09

i finished the soundmod thnx for helping if someone want it add me to youre msn that's the only way...

24th September 2003 01:09

i got a few playerskins weapons and hud can someone tell me in staps what 2 do if i want it in one...

24th September 2003 01:09

does anybody know what name i need to use for the mortar???

21st September 2003 16:09

ok thnx

21st September 2003 16:09

i need help with 2 things 1.can someone tell me were i can get a weapon pack from city nights for s...

15th September 2003 04:09

thnx man i like it

21st August 2003 21:08

hi i got a gquestion can somebody make me a gun that replaces the bar i got a picture from what i wa...

15th August 2003 20:08

i am not trying if they work with me i got all the city night weapons for spearhead if i pu those in...

19th August 2003 22:08

if you start those maps you see the weapon weird but:i got all those weapons also in a weapon pack a...

19th August 2003 19:08

realy cool sound tell me if you have finished the sound mod

19th August 2003 02:08

you can better buy another video card then i recommend a geforce-fx that is the same that i have and...

19th August 2003 02:08

oh the gun is for spearhead

19th August 2003 00:08

i downloaded cn and cn airport and they both work on spearhead but i got a question to you can you m...

19th August 2003 00:08

is it for mohaa or spearhead

18th August 2003 21:08

flak please don't stop making skins i like youre work and because some people don't like it is there...

17th August 2003 08:08

if you want better weapons email me and ad me to youre msn i got a mp5 m16 styer hk new sniper m16...

17th August 2003 08:08

we found a few exelent players so were now full

11th October 2003 09:10