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Umm 500m is like the max view distance in BF.

17th December 2003 12:12

yeah it's that. I like the new "go go go" commands :) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! DEEEEEEUUUUUUT...

7th April 2004 07:04

because of accompanying infantry and other tanks. This almost never happens in FH. IRL a tank that...

17th March 2004 11:03

Jagd did you read my PM?

17th March 2004 12:03

If it fired any faster everyone would have one, screw using the rifle!

18th March 2004 20:03

Because of great things to come, and because we can. BF1942 was really fun when I first bought it....

22nd March 2004 09:03

striderx2048and you think that worth another 35 dollars? 42 including tax from my local Gamestop....

22nd March 2004 09:03

BF42 and BF:V both use the Refractor 2 engine, but that doesn't mean that DICE just changed out some...

22nd March 2004 09:03

Making movable AT guns would be just like making vehicles, but they'd probably behave strangely.

27th March 2004 05:03

Panther has 40mm side armor, whoopdie doo.

27th March 2004 05:03

Wow you people are gullible. Can't wait for tomorrow, maybe they'll release a build.

1st April 2004 08:04

by like 80mm only too.

12th April 2004 21:04

Maybe an engine with an accurate penetration model, I'm not so fond of hitpoint bullshizzle.

16th March 2004 20:03

the panzerfaust uses propellant in the firing tube to propell the warhead, there is no propellant in...

22nd June 2004 10:06

Japanese tanks are purebred infantry killers, as long as you have a second guy in the tank who can j...

24th June 2004 22:06

Well there's the M1A1, the M1A1, the M1A1 and the M1A1 ! SMG, Carbine, Bazooka and the tank or the...

25th June 2004 12:06

why not? I'm sure it happened late war.

25th June 2004 12:06

many older men were conscripted into the Wehrmacht in 1943

26th June 2004 06:06

meadow's comp sux, he can't even load the tree textures.... btw the PzIVD has less armor than the...

3rd July 2004 03:07

i'm not sure but didn't the Romanians only have older 40mm and 47mm guns? I believe they asked von P...

3rd July 2004 23:07

tankers sometimes left their hatches open in combat situations, a example is on the w...

4th May 2005 23:05

FrederfI'm reasonably confident the Russian army used hundreds if not thousands of Shermans. I'd be...

7th May 2005 07:05

Von Paulus made a colossal error in strategic judgement and did not support the 6th Armee's flanks w...

10th May 2005 08:05

there is a way around this.... :) It's really funny, it works with every weapon. All I'll tell you i...

17th March 2004 09:03

THere's a tractor on Crete/Kreta

16th March 2004 20:03
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