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It`s not only the CGSovereign. This problem happens with all ships that use pulse torpedoes (MVAM Pr...

21st November 2004 04:11

Foundation makes it possible to mod bc BCMP: Needed for ships you have to install manually (see post...

8th January 2006 12:01

The special power bar is part of ATP3! Released by Apollo long ago, it brought several new technolog...

21st January 2006 07:01

Editing Torpedoes: Go to scripts/tactical projectiles and open the torpedo py. you want to edit. If...

15th January 2006 21:01

Hardpointing (to place at scripts/ships/hardpoints) Creating ship file (needed to tell bc where to l...

14th January 2006 02:01

3dmax to create the ship Milkshape to convert it to nif and of course MPE (bcfiles)

10th January 2006 23:01

Foundation installed? Everything extracted to the right folder? Did you run BCMP (select ship, choos...

8th January 2006 12:01

Think it's in one of the zm system packs

21st January 2006 20:01

Of course it does! But do you have verything required installed (check readme)? Mutators activated?

5th January 2006 06:01 Here you find a solution

26th December 2005 22:12

Consoleoutput? Run game in Testmode, press*and make a screenshot!

25th December 2005 02:12

Like I the SDK from BCfiles. Inside you'll find several tools so as the MPE (Model P...

16th December 2005 06:12

Use SDK to edit hardpoints much more easier! Otherwise open ship/hardpoints and edit the fil...

16th December 2005 04:12

Name is MPMP. But you have to look for the thread about how getting nanofx2,0 and ATP3 work together...

15th December 2005 08:12

The "Hull Polarizer" is just a rename of shieldgenerator. Hull Polarizer == Shields

13th December 2005 11:12

If one of the techs are activated in drains the power from that special bar.

21st January 2006 20:01

Basically it's allowed but first you have to ask the original author (read credits) for permission....

22nd January 2006 23:01

What errormessage! Maybe you try to install 1.4 on a clean bc installation (bc and patch)!

24th February 2006 03:02

USS Sovereign So ooooookay, 1 man doing everything...[/quote] Sniff! reminds me off ATPD StarConvoy...

22nd April 2006 18:04

Install the latest bridgefix! Normally it comes with the bridge so just install the "newest" bridge...

18th April 2006 22:04

Open the ships hardpointfile with an editor and look for "SetMaxShields"! The higher the value the s...

5th April 2006 04:04

Sorry! Thought you want to remove menus from the bridgecharacters!

2nd April 2006 05:04

pBridge = App.g_kSetManager.GetSet("bridge") g_pCharacter = App.CharacterClass_GetObject(pBridge, "C...

2nd April 2006 02:04

You could try to change the keyconfig and use another button!

1st April 2006 22:04

install bc install patch 1.1 copy KM files paste KM files into bc root done

11th March 2006 08:03