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leaderof the clone war era mod

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i just wanted to say i changed my account

21st March 2007 16:03

hey that's good (and everyone don't say why make another clone wars mod there are so many out other...

14th June 2007 20:06

ok but i looked and it's not there werid

7th June 2007 22:06

i have the meg extecter and i know about the alo viewer and i still can't find it

7th June 2007 23:06

hey when you make the jedi could you make some of them look like jedi snipers and jedi brutes they a...

8th June 2007 03:06

ShaloKran;3723746those jedi are non canonical derrick if the jedi order had double-blade wielding n...

8th June 2007 04:06

ShaloKran;3723762I finished that game and a lot in it is non-canonical, trust me but there will be...

8th June 2007 04:06

Sgt. Hicks;3724421Finally some more pics for everyone. that's super great and all but that's...

8th June 2007 18:06

codeuser;3724809No shadow mesh? I'd also say that they grip the gun a bit oddly when moving. I mean,...

8th June 2007 20:06

hey is there a new animation when they die or did you just use the stormtrooper animation for when t...

8th June 2007 21:06

ShaloKran;3724824he made all the anims from scratch that's really cool

8th June 2007 21:06

Sith_Nord;3725862he should have rockets and /betray jedi. where all of the clones turn and kill all...

9th June 2007 18:06

i think 4 maybe 5

11th June 2007 23:06

WOW that's really cool

12th June 2007 02:06

is the arctroopers ingame yet

14th June 2007 00:06

well this mod looks great i liked the cis a little but more thin the republic.because they had gene...

14th June 2007 20:06

no and how did you get it?(sorry if that sounded kind of mean)

7th June 2007 21:06

oxide370;3735576umm,what you mean by that? i ment i liked the cis a little bit more thin the republi...

14th June 2007 21:06

ok here is a update we are going to add about 3 new stuff to the mod now i don't have pic of the mod...

14th June 2007 21:06

oxide370;3735685what? renders are photos of the models

14th June 2007 21:06

ShaloKran;3735898psp?! oddity to oddity:Puzzled::confused: you didn't mean a playstation portable,...

15th June 2007 01:06

ok here is another update we are making a new spha-t we are going to make it just like the moive at...

15th June 2007 01:06

ShaloKran;3736307where in DEATH'S NAME did you find that bomber pic?!? it's on wookiepedia just goog...

15th June 2007 05:06

ok here is another pic of the laat in space

15th June 2007 09:06

it' not but it is when you zoom then when you zoom out to normal mode but it's kind of small. there...

15th June 2007 09:06