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leaderof the clone war era mod

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philip98188;3736995I agree, good to see that you use the ''better'' Venator model ;) we've had a bet...

15th June 2007 19:06

that's really great but i think you should bring the legs in on the model

15th June 2007 20:06

ok here is a pic of the different sizes of the laat

15th June 2007 20:06

ok for everY one that site on freewebs is old ok so don't believe anything on it as of march 1 the...

16th June 2007 06:06

RaW has theyre own content, INGAME At that, and Infantry to boot, This Mod is nothing more than a gr...

16th June 2007 08:06

you can't copyright anything i hope you know what, no one can

17th June 2007 04:06

Deathhascome;3721836the model name is "NI_PRINCEXIZOR.ALO" (without quotes) i can't find his model c...

7th June 2007 22:06

yea he worked i just go 2 edit the stuff you told me you didn't put in. thanks for making it

6th June 2007 22:06

hey thanks^( you know everything was fine until draftvader 2 came around again)

17th June 2007 04:06

it has a SPMA-T just like the moive

1st June 2007 02:06

ShaloKran;3705404that venator is good but I think acclamators were more often used as landing craft....

30th May 2007 01:05

ShaloKran;3705437really? didn't notice yea it's far in the back it's really hard to see it

30th May 2007 01:05

ShaloKran;3705452yeah! now i remember from wookieepedia that the venator actually did have an assaul...

30th May 2007 01:05

yes we are using that model but i wanted a different model for ground.

31st May 2007 03:05

not to be anyway but i think you stole are grievous model just saying

31st May 2007 05:05

because i can tell i had it uploaded some here and when i went back in a hour it had been downloaded...

31st May 2007 05:05

o sorry didn't read all of your post. do you need someone to upload them by there self so it will b...

31st May 2007 08:05

Deathhascome;3708189He wants someone to upload them, Offtopic, derrick, why are u changing your sig...

31st May 2007 19:05

ok here is the clone commander i will get a up close pic later it still need some editing too ok.

31st May 2007 22:05

ok here is a pic of the republic fleet ok and we add a new text to the munificent

31st May 2007 23:05

hey thanks

1st June 2007 00:06

yea 2 tipes of venators the republic didn't really have many ship the most basic ships they had was...

1st June 2007 00:06

the smaller venator is also the one that lands units on the planet 2

1st June 2007 00:06

Spartan-517;3710864I can't remember how to post a picture at this time. you can't or you just don't...

2nd June 2007 04:06

ok well need to talk about mod team stuff in privite and not tell all of it in the forums just sayi...

6th June 2007 22:06