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I'm lookin for a clan I'll fill in the application.Hope I make it.

2nd July 2003 12:07

I think a scripted movie would be good.Besides I'm thinking about makin a movie about how a group of...

8th July 2003 05:07

Abf currently dosn't support sp.

19th July 2003 10:07

I don't know if i'm right but just make a server and name it somethin like A Noobs stunt server,not...

17th July 2003 22:07

I just recently left the EIB clan and am lookin for a new clan.I'd like to join one who's makin a sc...

16th July 2003 06:07

LOL!But uhhhhhhh yea I'd like 2.

15th July 2003 05:07

I can't find it either.

13th July 2003 02:07

I'll act.My e-mail is [email][/email]

12th July 2003 05:07

One day I was playin a dc server and I started to get this sound problem.All of a sudden I started t...

12th July 2003 01:07

I messed up I meant who thinks one should be realesed.

10th July 2003 12:07

I just wanted to kmow who else thinks a demo of battlefield vietnam.

10th July 2003 12:07

Lets leave it at this when I heard they were makin a vietnam game for bf I nearly crapped my pants.

10th July 2003 12:07

I am making a dc movie and in need of actors and someone to film it. my current actors ingame names...

10th July 2003 03:07

I'm gonna make one I just need more actors and someone to film.Right now I only have one actor whose...

9th July 2003 22:07

Same as ping pong.

9th July 2003 04:07

Wish that was saddam on the barrel.And what would you guys think if that cannon fired!

8th July 2003 06:07

Ok I have a big poblem with dc tanelorn,whenever I fire an iraqi machine gun my game exits to the de...

8th July 2003 05:07

Cool,it took like what a week!

3rd July 2003 08:07

Yesterday I posted something for a warewolf mod (Dog Soldiers)and I'd like to know how to post links...

5th July 2003 05:07

They look neat.I pray for the guy in the jeep.

4th July 2003 04:07

I was wondering if some experienced modders could make a starship troopers mod.If possible maybe I c...

4th July 2003 04:07

I heard of that but they canceld it.

4th July 2003 05:07

I don't think it's possible but maybe on custom maps for a mod that might work.

4th July 2003 10:07

If anyone out there has heard of the movie dog soldiers than you'll know what I mean.I was wondering...

4th July 2003 12:07

For more info go to and were it says sci-fi pictures and click were it says dog soldiers a...

4th July 2003 14:07
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