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Wow! Pande give me this model i want to weigh it and skin!!!

9th September 2009 19:09

AshuraDX;5644339this should fix it textures/terrain_base { nopicmips q3map_lightmapaxis z...

14th June 2012 00:06

I use wall-running very often, and also, I love using it in combat :D

29th April 2012 22:04

Waiting for snapshots :D

10th May 2012 03:05

Szico VII had terrain *creating* (not blending) tutorial. He used some kind of quake terrain generat...

18th May 2012 01:05

Jk3editor, thank you! You are right:D P.S. Delta 135, u too :)

18th May 2012 23:05

I have a one important question about Jedi Academy Server. What I must have to set up this server in...

10th June 2012 02:06

Thanks, guys! :D Ghosh Lorz Geptun, my hosting has ssh console :) Anywayz, thanks for free VPS. I'll...

10th June 2012 16:06

Hi guys! I've made my terrain using this tutorial But i have problems! When I open my map, my terrai...

14th June 2012 00:06

Omg, i see my polygons... The problem is that my terrain hasn't textures. Please, check my files.

14th June 2012 18:06

minilogoguy18;5620652Why would you need to? The free Mod Tool version can do everything needed for J...

12th March 2012 15:03

Jk3editor, i actually have *.pcx file in my base folder. Is it enough for compiler to start using it...

15th June 2012 02:06

Do you think i'm idiot? It has no texture IN GAME.

15th June 2012 03:06

Mr. Wonko, i'm sorry. I'm getting nervous with this shit. Jonny2199, yes, they are. I also made anot...

15th June 2012 03:06

Delta_135, yes. Frankzzz, wtf? I didn't share it for everyone's use. I shared it for people that try...

15th June 2012 17:06

Hey, people, I need help :D

16th June 2012 16:06

How can I control the sun in my skybox? I need my sun to be straight in the middle/top of skybox, ho...

2nd July 2012 03:07

I used q3map_sun 1 1 1 350 1 90, and it worked good. Thanks!

3rd July 2012 01:07

Xu'an;5620880Everyone's already given the all the advice I could think of. But cheers for giving mo...

14th March 2012 20:03

minilogoguy18;5620544Redo the hands, they're anatomically incorrect, the thumb does not branch out f...

12th March 2012 03:03

Mr. Wonko;5647567You'll find a lot of information in the Q3Map2 Shader Manual. Knowing how the graph...

5th July 2012 01:07

Is it made in Zbrush? Do you use graphic tablet?

10th February 2011 00:02

Here: Spoiler: Show Hello there!!!

2nd January 2011 06:01

I sense that model has no UV data... If I export it from max, will I be able to import uv data file...

4th January 2011 21:01

Spoiler: Show My skin file: head,models/players/ezio/head.tga head_eyes,models/players/ezio/eyes.tga...

7th January 2011 19:01