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The main difference on the 3.6 version is a more streamlined installer. All you need to do is insta...

18th December 2002 06:12

The sounds are very very very bad. The Merciless crew is looking into what we can do about it. I t...

4th February 2003 13:02

Are you wanting a historical Omaha? If you are you might need to revise that list.

30th January 2003 09:01

Well I think why all know EA's buisness model by now. I for one am going to get the add-on as well...

2nd February 2003 14:02

Hey Von I think you will need to have it down the road :deal:

2nd February 2003 14:02

Merciless Creations' Omaha Texture set is finished except for some testing. If all goes well the se...

4th February 2003 01:02

I believe the game decides that Meyer.

4th February 2003 02:02

I think we are going to skip over 3.8 and go to 4.0 sometime after RTR is released.

4th February 2003 03:02

Yes MC works with RTR with some slight modification to your init.con file. This is what your Battle...

6th February 2003 13:02

Go away....

28th January 2003 02:01

I actually love RTR. I never had a problem of finding a ride and the maps are well put together in...

6th February 2003 17:02

I like it and will continue to play it. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys BF1942.

6th February 2003 17:02

You should be able to do it in your profile.

7th February 2003 07:02

Yeah it some poor German soldier that is stuck. I though I was hearing things the first time.

8th February 2003 02:02

Our very own Prowlinger had an interview done by Battlefield Central. The interview covers the ins...

9th February 2003 12:02

Well Merciless is a huge part of the BF community so you better get used to hearing about us :agreed...

9th February 2003 16:02

The way the voting is going it looks like we are heading to the Pacific after Omaha is done.

30th January 2003 09:01

I run mine with most stuff set just below the highest detail, but it really depends on your system s...

27th January 2003 14:01

The battles between Japan and China on the mainland would be a nice change.

11th February 2003 11:02

The Bocage Texture Pack is comming along nicely and should be ready here soon. Here are some pics t...

19th January 2003 02:01

We all just need to find a server to play on so we wont have this problem :agreed:

12th January 2003 05:01

*MoG* is a class act group. I know most of their founding members from my team's days of playing Mo...

12th January 2003 07:01

Thats the first Ive heard of that problem. I have no problem loading any map. Are you using any ot...

12th January 2003 10:01

Did you install version 3.7 of the merciless mod first?

12th January 2003 14:01

Yep nice and evil looking :agreed:

13th January 2003 12:01