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hello everyone I would like to know how to put music my map has!!! I mexplic jai make Mo pk3 with my...

2nd February 2004 19:02

i have not understand

19th February 2004 17:02

im talking about the MP

3rd June 2004 09:06

I have two question: 1) how to make an invisible bridge that one see only if one uses the capacity...

2nd June 2004 15:06

would like to make in my map a switch hidden to see it it is necessary used the capacity of the forc...

2nd June 2004 09:06

I went has on this site :

26th May 2004 20:05

I know how to make npc but I would like to know how to make npc with double saber and 2 bladed saber...

21st May 2004 09:05

I would like to know if it is possible to add new choices of color of the blades of laser sabre. I d...

23rd March 2004 21:03

a model make from my images

5th March 2004 11:03

I would need a model md3 cest filing of my profiles ke I would like in models md3 if possible 800 un...

4th March 2004 22:03

is it possible to make flicker the light more or month quickly?

27th February 2004 11:02

after compilation I a file part file which do I have obtained to make of this one? do I have to put...

24th February 2004 16:02

how to add a fx_runner? is necessary T-it to add it with the brush in selection??

19th February 2004 19:02

I need a complete truth tutorial on what relates to the water falls :deal: thank you

18th February 2004 22:02


3rd February 2004 16:02

I would need skins I would like the skin of the twelve gold knight and the five bronze knights of th...

15th February 2004 21:02

is I would like to make a water fall how necessary T-it to make? thank you :beer:

15th February 2004 21:02

when jediterais the pk3 of the map how I would make for the model

13th February 2004 15:02

thank you bocoup for your assistance its walk...... but I have a small question 1 time the finished...

13th February 2004 11:02

what want you to say by: and look for any window about lost textures. Write the path of the misse...

12th February 2004 18:02 support collumn

12th February 2004 11:02

I have to download a model md3 but there are no textures and imposible of textured under

11th February 2004 21:02

my problem is that I have to erase my .map like an idiot but there remains to me the .bsp I would li...

7th February 2004 23:02

my pk3 contains a directory textures or I put my textures custom inside but the problem is that nob...

6th February 2004 15:02

yes it is a map multi-player

4th February 2004 11:02
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