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I totaly agree with Jak1 about expansions.

4th June 2007 00:06

I havn't seen him for a while unless I'm getting on at the wrong time.

7th August 2007 12:08

I could not find Falast. These are from Wookiepedia.

28th July 2007 23:07

FEAR_oddslayer_4667;3828856yes what is the marauders? a made up faction? Yes they are a made up fa...

31st July 2007 11:07

general_kerr;3825967huh? and drk, just wonderin: are our modelers doin anything? The only modeler...

31st July 2007 11:07

I said he would help out with a couple models.

31st July 2007 18:07

OK. Why?

2nd August 2007 12:08

Same problem as me excpet mine is a Best of the PC version wich really lags, I gave up trying to pla...

2nd August 2007 12:08

It was only 2 people who resigned, ARC Trooper 111 who was replaced, and FEAR_oddslayer_4667.

5th August 2007 00:08

Saber Marauders and Freedom Alliance should have custom stations.

6th August 2007 16:08

Stgchuckles13;3853183what do I need to make a mod for EAW? I would think you need a team.

13th August 2007 23:08

This is going to be fun.

25th July 2007 21:07

Joseph Miller;3856366Ok, i never heard of a clan that doesn't compete for domionates over the entire...

14th August 2007 14:08

I put on VISTA 2 days ago and at first my BF2 bame worked normal then when I put the disk in yesturd...

21st August 2007 20:08

It won't let me edit my post so I'll also say this, ALL of my games don't work not just BF2.

21st August 2007 22:08

Thank you, it worked, would this work with my other Star Wars games?

22nd August 2007 12:08

Now the game won't come up.

22nd August 2007 13:08

None of it works!!!!!!!!!!! I found a way but it is annoying to do.

22nd August 2007 21:08

They had this on Gametoast but it is down right now.

24th August 2007 21:08

OK, do you have any XML's in your XML folder?

26th August 2007 19:08

Wow Drk now I'm in charge of a ALL the mods.

27th August 2007 00:08

Looking good so far.

25th July 2007 21:07

I'm not good at coding things but yea, that is waaaay to big.

25th July 2007 17:07

So Doom's Mod Series it is.

27th August 2007 20:08

Yea a cloud being shot out would be weird. Yay renders.

21st July 2007 16:07