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We are the Disciples of Ragnos, we are mostly a dark side force clan but we have some light users. W...

5th September 2003 09:09

Ya man we need some more people on seige, maybe the word isnt out or something. BTW, when will the...

21st September 2003 21:09

the reason why ur forums dont require www. is because there is a subdomain already in place.

22nd September 2003 09:09

Correction: The tournament is Oct 5th, 2003; pretty much any time of the day.

22nd September 2003 09:09

Hehe Hense the Clan Name "The Disciples of Ragnos", We dont lame or shit, just like the name and the...

23rd September 2003 07:09

=DoR= The Disciples of Ragnos, is looking for some new recruits. http://www.dor-clan.tk for info. If...

24th September 2003 06:09