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[color=red]Hi im new on this forum any 1 know out good to look at[/color]:eek:

16th December 2004 20:12

[QUOTE=-Ghost-]I've heard that the G-11 Assault Rifle was fairly good too, although I don't know muc...

20th September 2005 01:09

ocarina of time is the empire strikes back of zelda games but they are all pure gaming class its a s...

20th September 2005 16:09

i have been using my mp3 player that works fine

20th September 2005 16:09

tekken 5 is way better still not as good as tekken 2 but is the best on ps2 except for jinpachi i ca...

20th September 2005 16:09

in the ridge racer games on PS1 devil and angel can fly round corners when they hit a jump

20th September 2005 16:09

i have looked on the net and cant find anywhere with players photos. I thought that the option to co...

20th September 2005 01:09

i dont think the psp plays WMA i cant get them to work

20th September 2005 01:09

i just made this wallpaper

20th September 2005 01:09

its definatley snake no doubt the mini MG rex was toatally ace i have downloaded it and watched load...

20th September 2005 00:09

this is as bad as the ufo thread rockstar say its not there so its not there. untill they say it is...

1st January 2005 18:01

12e5p3kTwhere can u find the tatto parlours? you will find all you need here good secrets stuff to...

1st January 2005 18:01

this took me about an hour best bits the scene in pulp fiction with chris walken (watch in arse) m...

31st December 2004 19:12

at the bottom of mount chiliad where the bikes are always there

23rd December 2004 03:12

On Friday 14/10/05 I bought Ultimate Spider Man mainly because i enjoyed playing Spider Man 2. I pla...

20th October 2005 16:10

iv never heard of it till the other day and the thing that got me intrested is there is a bullet tim...

24th October 2005 18:10

did ya not get a demo disc with it i got my update from the free disc

24th October 2005 18:10

I guess so nobody likes it then

24th October 2005 18:10

ACTION Robocop 2 when he bounces a bullet of the wall. When i first saw that i thought it was ace....

24th October 2005 02:10

Jaws WERE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOAT I absolutly love that part

20th October 2005 17:10

snake is the man. splinter cell is bobbins

19th October 2005 18:10

my favourates are and dont ask me to choose between them please they are both top FF VII. I wonder...

1st October 2005 16:10

i have grown up watching porridge and open all hours and i think it is a great loss for all. i feel...

9th October 2005 00:10

caramac fizz wizz wham bar refreshers drumsticks curlywurly biscuit boost pink bon bons maynards win...

9th October 2005 00:10

this type of thing is getting out of hand it is getting to the point of an everyday occurance and so...

9th October 2005 00:10