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it were grove street

22nd December 2004 23:12

stop asking stop asking to late red dragon aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggg...

22nd December 2004 23:12

il have you little man (not that way though)

22nd December 2004 23:12


22nd December 2004 23:12

so ya can see every thing

22nd December 2004 23:12

did you post it i got it of this forum somewhere

22nd December 2004 23:12

theres one next to the gym in las venturas heres a map of the ones i know you can zoom right in

22nd December 2004 23:12

see even your doing it now admiral anyway we answerd ya question so it dont matter does it. we are g...

22nd December 2004 17:12

or a taxi wipes you out every time u turn a corner

22nd December 2004 23:12

i think that would make evreyone angry including you but ya right i do get angry a lot some things r...

22nd December 2004 23:12

its not the cargobob its the leviathan and its just for that mission which is a shame

22nd December 2004 23:12

2, 47, 68, 69, 70,

22nd December 2004 19:12

done a bit of editing of the duplicates and ones i know dont work

22nd December 2004 18:12

if i got a car for import export i always used the train tracks to get it there its safe for the car...

22nd December 2004 18:12

lol Gwynzer but bager is spealt badger you see it has a d in it

22nd December 2004 18:12

just say the soldiers were Anime soldiers then it doesnt matter how big the eyes are cool model

25th October 2005 17:10

i havnt done them all but most do work read the last bit of the post

22nd December 2004 00:12

I didnt want to do a new thread just for my poem when this was here. So I put it here sorry to Deceb...

26th November 2005 23:11

aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh Post what ya get its driving me mad I got 40 who is the...

29th November 2005 06:11

I have downloaded a PS2 save file .SPS to my pc does anybody know how to get it on to my PS2 memory...

28th November 2005 18:11

There is supposed to be 50 referanses Bands/Singers can ya find em all I got about 30 so far

27th November 2005 23:11

Aphotic OneI was born with a Hernia. I have never broken a Bone Me too. But I have come close to b...

27th November 2005 15:11

FootballKA has seen it go and ask him

27th November 2005 14:11

Kođ»sakoff DPO1, nice poem dude! Has your gf read it yet? Yeah and she cried We should have a po...

27th November 2005 14:11

simpsons, men in black, batman, and countless others he is very good but john williams is my persona...

24th November 2005 16:11