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Dragon is summoned... anyway im a new filefreak!!! woo hoo!! and sepiroth model is now already made...

18th October 2002 16:10

ok anything goes

21st October 2002 19:10

Thats so (im not going to even say how rude because i would get a IP ban or something) rude If i cou...

20th October 2002 12:10

You are correct sir! (on the look) Yes now! I could make a model but! it would take time because i h...

20th October 2002 12:10

I'll still start to model a basic guy! if u dont find then ill have a easy job!

20th October 2002 12:10

ive got a problem with the model I can't get the shoes look like shoes and the clothes look like cra...

21st October 2002 17:10

are you nicola? it says in my hotmail inbox that the sender is nicola

21st October 2002 19:10

just to be sure that there is no virus or something

21st October 2002 19:10

ooh crap! somethings wrong with the file! i cant download it!

21st October 2002 19:10

that would be nice i dont know why it dosent work? something about it being a web site?

21st October 2002 19:10

Did you try wings? eh? Huh?

23rd October 2002 21:10

I could email it to you if you tell me your email

20th October 2002 02:10

I think the model\skins pretty good (better than my all models (okay ive got only few models) but st...

25th October 2002 17:10

Sorry but the models going to be delayed much becuase it is my first try I got a start but its crap...

25th October 2002 17:10

it would be nice...

26th October 2002 21:10

If u have jedimod there in the jedimod folders is a txt file called AboutTheHilts.txt it may help yo...

30th October 2002 00:10

I can model and i have played FF2,FF3,FF4,FF7,FF8,FF9,FF10 but i arent good at doing textures but i...

1st November 2002 14:11

Bring it on! Any FF7 skin\model would be nice

3rd November 2002 01:11

i have 1 question...... Can i do something in the mod?

3rd November 2002 02:11

I did read this a little late........ but still at first i got shocked but then I saw the reply o...

25th January 2003 04:01

Noo i said earlier in this forum that ill only skin him look the reply 6 i maybe could model it but...

20th October 2002 12:10

its impossible to put it to a reply but its old skin was a Obi wan from episode 1 (it was really bad...

20th October 2002 02:10

Cloud guy you should use Wings 3d its really great and easy modelling program and + its free!!! just...

18th October 2002 17:10

Master Sword??? It must be jokerlands wish but a cool sword tough

19th October 2002 01:10

How do i Put a picture in my signature (i have 2 but they dont work!!) sorry i figured it out no nee...

18th October 2002 17:10
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