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i cant seem to get the training missions completed, the set with pow camp, and tunnels and river bas...

18th May 2003 04:05

my team or me personally? cos my team have and also im having the same problem with the parachute...

18th May 2003 06:05

yep, looks like ill have to download it :(

18th May 2003 21:05

punkbuster is used on RTCW, and its exellent... nothing to worry about here ppl

23rd May 2003 07:05

i found it a piece of piss... got 49 on the second try all i did was... well listen to the breathin...

23rd May 2003 17:05

Screen name H4x0r_D2K Honor 11 Expert Marksman, not bad with a m24/81 Usually pretty agressive, like...

24th May 2003 00:05

lol no actually i meant 38... but my tarded typin skills didnt seem 2 agree

25th May 2003 02:05

like a hole in the head

26th May 2003 10:05

they add up... or ud be screwed!

28th May 2003 13:05

HewsterNice work Dragon, no takers as of yet though :( Although trying to make a video to a script m...

20th October 2003 13:10