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im recruiting people for an elite modding team/group. here are the type of people required: Moddler...

27th March 2003 22:03

well, the dude is real. his name on the board is sideshowbob (donta ask me why) and i think he used...

24th May 2003 04:05

[COLOR=yellow]/[/COLOR][COLOR=red]![/COLOR][COLOR=yellow]\[/COLOR] Webserver Is Back Up!!! [COLOR=ye...

23rd July 2003 13:07

can you animate them? :confused:

13th July 2003 13:07

:dropsjar: :dropsjar: :dropsjar: :dropsjar:

13th July 2003 13:07

the web server has crashed and gone outta buisness. i found a place that gives hosting + a domain na...

12th July 2003 17:07

anyway, i need a modeler. the other one has gone to a 2 months vacation! so im stuck with an ini cod...

25th June 2003 02:06

after a month of coding, our top coder made an amazing breakthru, allowing us to continue our work!...

22nd June 2003 14:06

Member Name (or alias) | Assigned Faction | Job | Contact Scott "Diablo" Van Donkelaar | All | Lead...

28th May 2003 15:05

well, i got a program that can change my voice to anything. ill give ya the name if ya want it (it c...

28th May 2003 03:05

guyz, just contact me at [email]MKmaster35@hotmail.com[/email] (MSN) or 278297476 (ICQ)

27th May 2003 20:05

some one should make a design and send it to me ([EMAIL=MKmaster35@hotmail.com?Subject=Website from...

24th May 2003 12:05

Originally posted by Pyro Monkey hey dragonlord i forgot about u! i dont like password locks they m...

24th May 2003 04:05

so... should i host the site and put a password lock on it? (that crap like in members area and stuf...

24th May 2003 04:05

there is a problem.... his card got fried! and he cant make models :(

15th May 2003 02:05

a little link fix: [EMAIL=MKmaster35@hotmail.com?Subject=Modding Team Application]MKmaster35@hotmail...

28th March 2003 23:03

sure, no problem

1st May 2003 23:05

well, i can host anythin. so u r welcome to use my webserver. just contact me by msn or icq. [email]...

1st May 2003 21:05

i will give ya guys hosting on a paid server (i pay for it). my friend bob is an excellent moddler....

1st May 2003 14:05

i got what u need

1st May 2003 14:05

what do you think is better, model #1 or model #2? plz reply.

20th April 2003 20:04

pic update

20th April 2003 20:04

generalsfiles.com download\mods section

8th April 2003 01:04


6th April 2003 17:04

here's a preview of the ShipYard (for all sides): we still need a sound designer and an ini editor...

6th April 2003 02:04
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