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What about a Legend of Zelda conversion mod? Sure, it would be hard, but it would be cool to have on...

23rd January 2007 13:01

OK, yes this is a Halo moddel, but it isn't MC or an Elite. This ones for an ODST Marine or just a M...

12th February 2008 11:02


17th February 2008 02:02

No problem

16th February 2008 15:02

i figured out the spoiler thing so u dont hav to click the links. just trying to be helpful

16th February 2008 11:02

Marine: Spoiler: Show Spoiler: Show ODST: Spoiler: Show Spoiler: Show NOTE: I would...

15th February 2008 10:02

They're from Halo 3. I'd perfer the ODSTs over the Marines because they look cooler and would fit be...

13th February 2008 11:02

Thx Marine: [spoiler][img]http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/halo/images/6/63/Marine_Ambush.jpg[/...

13th February 2008 08:02

I can't get it to work, so here are the links. Marine: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/halo/im...

13th February 2008 08:02

How do you put pics into "spoilers"?

12th February 2008 23:02

*whistles* Thats more complicated than I thought

4th February 2008 01:02

Indeed. Now we just have to find someone to make them...

17th February 2008 10:02

Ok, so I have the Covenant Energy Sword moddel for JK3, and I've noticed that when you attack, it do...

3rd February 2008 08:02

I think Rep. Commando wpnz would kick @$$, especially for those who have the moddles

31st January 2008 11:01

The one and only;4083830I always thought Master Chief was more suited to a BMX game, personally... a...

12th December 2007 08:12

Anakin992;4081841Important Elements... Where would the force bar go? Where would the armor bar go?...

11th December 2007 12:12

Here is better pic of the HUD

11th December 2007 09:12

Zach;4078247You just don't understand. We are perfectly willing to help by providing constructive cr...

10th December 2007 13:12

DemonCloud;4076964gosh you guys are really dumb... i mean why do you even bother saying hes lazy? no...

9th December 2007 01:12

"In this tutorial I will explain the basic elements of making a custom hud for Jedi Academy. I will...

9th December 2007 00:12

Look, all I want is the HUD, and since I can't make one, I'm asking if you guys will do it for me an...

8th December 2007 14:12

The question is though, who will make them?

17th February 2008 04:02

Indeed they would.

19th February 2008 09:02

Well would could some one make it sepreatly since the Halo TC probably wont be out for a while?

7th December 2007 23:12

i have had this idea for a long time, i just thought of including Sangheili (Elite) amor as well. go...

2nd November 2008 14:11