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Now that's a big blow...

20th December 2008 16:12

Nope. It isn't

21st December 2008 01:12

Or maybe he's just fooling with us and preparing a Xmas surprise :p :Party3:

21st December 2008 01:12

Botdra Lar'les;4735737Well you can add all that you want to your own manners, but I have a low toler...

23rd December 2008 02:12

The level of detail is amazing! Good job! :bows:

24th December 2008 02:12

This map is... too good to be real :eek:

7th February 2009 16:02

minilogoguy18;4749497they may all get offended but all of them are amateurs trying to take on someth...

2nd January 2009 01:01

KOTOR replica FTW :lol: Wow the map looks great! Spoiler: Show I also done a replica of the KOTOR I...

6th February 2009 19:02

There's a huge difference between modding JKA into TFU ( wich is practically impossible to achieve...

31st January 2009 17:01

It can happen to anyone :rolleyes: Let's give him a second chance :)

23rd January 2009 21:01

:D Thank you that will be helpful :D

22nd January 2009 22:01

Possible answer: Botdra: I do not care! I have enough dirt on my name, a bit more won't hurt. So I...

3rd January 2009 02:01

Bolidelish;4750181 I honestly think you're better off doing an original project based on TFU, not...

2nd January 2009 21:01

Were there any points to address at?

31st December 2008 23:12

Now I'm getting pissed off like Satan when criminals go to church! So... One dude, part of the Dev...

31st December 2008 22:12

Botdra Lar'les;4748049 We have plenty of memberson the Dev team that aren't doing their job, or hav...

31st December 2008 19:12

*useless Post* Lol!

27th December 2008 18:12

Meh... You could just reskin the phat human imperial model into this guy and apply the cel shading.....

26th December 2008 04:12

Um... I might be wrong but the shader makes any pushing effect to be transparent. So if you want yo...

25th December 2008 21:12

Um... Wrong topic =/

25th December 2008 01:12

Geesh... I leave for a couple of months and this happens -.- like it's not bad enough already tha...

27th November 2009 23:11