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UPDATE :D Had a go on the rancor's pit... Pretty plain, wanted to keep it so xD

6th July 2009 19:07

Wow thanks, but it's nothing that special xD

7th July 2009 22:07

Call me exile... or exi xD And no, normal stuff :)

7th July 2009 23:07

Narrowing the variety of tools a modder can use won't bring you many developers, methinks Oo

8th July 2009 18:07

I'll consider joining :D

8th July 2009 18:07

Bah, I'm telling you, it's nothing that special xD Took me a half of hour to do the rancor pit xD...

8th July 2009 18:07

Oh cmon, someone gotta join @_@

8th July 2009 23:07

New vid :)

14th May 2009 00:05

TritonUnit;4889376He means while in the middle of doing a kata theirs some uber lightning move or so...

13th May 2009 21:05

Nice map btw :D

9th July 2009 00:07

I think it's the ground sand, judging by his sayings :P

4th May 2009 12:05

Ahem, back on topic... A mando, or a new Republic... If Republic, "Republic Elite Trooper" as a cla...

11th April 2009 15:04

Pretty much the same cast... Except: Claudia Black for Bastila ( Angelina Jolie - bit of an imposs...

11th April 2009 16:04

FirePoi;4859606Dude I don't wanna mess with your work, but it's been half year since your last updat...

11th April 2009 19:04

Fyurii;4860523New Republic? A few thousand years to go before that comes into being.:p Yeah I noti...

12th April 2009 16:04

I'm a future Film Director, and I'd surely make a KotOR based film if Lucas let me :P There are tech...

14th April 2009 14:04

Ok, this is just a reminder that we still look for modders who want to help us :P Ok, so, we would...

28th April 2009 23:04

So... This is KoTF number 2? =.0' Note: the name of this mod's developer is Türkçe Özellikleri... A...

29th April 2009 00:04

Thanks for the support, guys :) Revo, check your inbox :P We're still waiting for help offers, if y...

29th April 2009 21:04

We would rather recruit only slightly more experienced modders :D But thanks a lot for the support :...

30th April 2009 21:04

Yeah, I agree with Soleutator, showing some of your work might clear things up a bit :)

1st May 2009 16:05

Wow... It looks great... though it's kinda too repetitive... my brain has a problem with seeing patt...

1st May 2009 16:05

Probably an update :P Or some maintenance... :) Oh, just as a reminder, we still look for a couple...

3rd May 2009 00:05

Lol, it ain't going easier :P I hate modeling :mad:

4th May 2009 01:05

He said something about an update, but he promised nothing xD Updates will be back but on a fortni...

4th May 2009 12:05