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I need help I have a Modding program to add ships to bridge commander, bit I need help to use it. C...

14th June 2008 15:06

I am using avant and enternet explorer

17th October 2009 04:10

ok i can't seem to find a way to create ships i have download gmax and i cant seem to load any ship...

28th October 2009 03:10

Thanks that help I didn't know it was that simple to do. Thanks again.:)

18th October 2009 06:10

The ship is from the BCMPv2, the ship is installed by its self. The ship is "Enterprise-D"

18th October 2009 03:10

Heres he link to the pic I was trying to post This is the ship that I can't get the icon to show up....

18th October 2009 03:10

don't know what to do

17th October 2009 04:10

ok that didn't work

17th October 2009 04:10

17th October 2009 04:10

OK this sucks it won't let me upload the pic it keeps telling me "upload faild". can some one help.

17th October 2009 04:10

never mind i got it

28th October 2009 06:10

I actually got it to work I had to use BC mod packager and I cant seem to get the ships tactical ico...

15th October 2009 22:10

I got it from bcs-tng I also tried it with a full install with no mods and it still crashes when I...

11th October 2009 04:10

Ok I downloaded the alt. files for GCMP V. 2.1, I installed them and the game crashes when I go to q...

10th October 2009 22:10

Ok I think port sharring is now active.

11th March 2009 20:03

gdata;4832659That's dependent on your router. I added a service for star trek legacy.

11th March 2009 20:03

umm it won't work i did what the readme said but GMax said DLL failed to initialize and nifexport.d...

28th October 2009 06:10

ok I looked through here and I don't know if some one posted it or not but can some one please make...

28th October 2009 22:10

Ok so since no has showed up, the Online Deathmatch has been prosbone the dule will be Wednesday Mar...

11th March 2009 07:03

I realy hate this new site lay out it loads but it doesn't show any thing all I need is the MPE and...

12th August 2010 08:08

ok now am unable to play the game it crashing before i can go to warp or do a battle.

2nd March 2010 01:03

ok now I am realy anoyed this is the third time i had to reinstall the game because of this stupid e...

28th February 2010 12:02

none of those worked I also reinstalled the game and get the same thing but for some strange reason...

25th February 2010 01:02

Ok I need to know how i can increase the away team troops compacity i cant seem to find the script.

30th October 2009 11:10

I don't have any new error messages at this time but I would like to know why when I load some ships...

24th February 2010 15:02