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yo man whats up witchu talkin smack about everything 1.3 first off theres no new net code so ur ping...

13th February 2003 04:02

only two?

23rd March 2003 02:03

and ull be sued bye stealing there name u retard.jesus man i dont mean to sound like a *** but THINK

24th April 2003 07:04

the **** are you talkin about?

24th April 2003 07:04

dc .3m unless ur not a subscriber to fileplanet which everyone should be:fistpunch: :fistpunch:

5th April 2003 07:04

another guy said that also, it was a bullshit peice a crap bf1942 mod thats it, reg bf:fistpunch:

30th March 2003 04:03

this better not be a ****in virus:fistpunch:

30th March 2003 02:03


24th March 2003 06:03

ab out 3 months i suck i know but in the game i own everyone:fistpunch:

24th March 2003 06:03

anyone know i wanna play it bad:fistpunch:

24th March 2003 05:03

i dont think u can:fistpunch:

23rd March 2003 05:03

is there anyway i could cheat to get the sniping ability online?:fistpunch:

23rd March 2003 00:03

post ur odditie pix here :fistpunch:

13th February 2003 05:02

my rez is 1280x1024 any other tips for it, can i wait for the targets to get closer and just shoot t...

23rd March 2003 00:03

does anyone know ow to get the 35 targets easy? cuz i cant friggen do it its too GOD DAMN HARD!:mad:...

22nd March 2003 12:03

hey i wanted some planes and the max file size is 5 megs [email]paintballer_dark_angel_wdp_ws@yahoo....

21st March 2003 01:03

it looks like u jigged a guy in the throat with that much blood:fistpunch:

21st March 2003 00:03

yo man i got the same prob with my mx500 uninstal;l the drivers thats all u do then it goes back to...

14th February 2003 05:02

21839, made possible by a 3rd party 512 megs of RDR ram and this thing is mad crazy

14th February 2003 02:02


14th February 2003 02:02

i must agree, Desert Combat is like counter striek is to half-life, i love dc alot of fun. and i lo...

13th February 2003 07:02

what is everyones choice for the 3 best looking mods? and why:D :fistpunch: :D :agreed: :lol:

13th February 2003 05:02

u typed that up like shit. use the spacebar man

24th April 2003 07:04