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We cud use anyway to help like some ppl helping us, if u think u can help plz post back. Moddeling,m...

21st August 2004 15:08

well... how can i say i got patch AND game spy arcade so.... ANY IDEAS :'( w8 unless u have to resta...

25th October 2004 20:10

none the less i still think they shud be faster, they aint that fast a sbd is faster.

27th October 2004 21:10

just u spin? dont i have a say in dis?:P

27th October 2004 14:10

Well I Play With Disk 1... SOOOOO :'( any ideas?

27th October 2004 14:10

well i was thinking, i think the droidekas are slow and a bit hard to control so... if sum1 cud come...

27th October 2004 02:10

if i cud get my swbf online working id give it a try, if u can help me ill trial for sure.

27th October 2004 02:10

Well How Does It Go??? Abnd So Far No Site, We're Still Lkin. (And Waiting For Our Site Editor.... I...

25th October 2004 23:10

here is a pic of the prob...

25th October 2004 02:10

actually szico if u remember, its descendants of the skillful knights ;) and talk to me on [email="r...

29th October 2004 19:10

cant any1 help? :'(

25th October 2004 02:10

Hi Wow First Post, hehe. Well I Cann Connect To Servers And Everything But Then When I Get To The Ma...

25th October 2004 01:10

Thx A Lot T It Will Help With The Hoth Siege (if We Do One ;))

25th October 2004 00:10

Sorry For The Double Post Guys, T Fighter Pilot Can We Use Your Snowspeeder In The Mod Plz?

24th October 2004 13:10

Well What I Am Doing Is Menus Maps Skins And Co Leading The Mod.. We Also Need A Coder Who Can Help...

24th October 2004 13:10

We Need All You Jka Game Editors Out There To Help Us With The Imperial Commandments Mod, WE ALSO NE...

24th October 2004 03:10

Did szico mention its for imperial commandments? NOPE Well u Shud Have Szic

20th October 2004 02:10

no i no how to do roll form -.- i tested roll form against a s bd, theyre same speed!

29th October 2004 19:10

jka? DUH!:P nah ffa ctf siege basically everything in jka

29th October 2004 19:10

unless som1 cud recreate lukes room for me:)

8th October 2004 21:10

Any Ideas At All?!?!?

6th November 2004 19:11

cud u help me, im a noob and i got a windows xp fire wall and i have no clue wut ure on about so plz...

13th November 2004 03:11

i do have internet connection and i do have legal game so.... i dont know whats wrong... THATS WHAT...

13th November 2004 03:11

I would join if i could play online, if u can help me ill gladly play!! :D

10th November 2004 01:11

Well if any people are interested, id like to start a mod (wink wink swbffiles host:p) it would lite...

8th November 2004 01:11