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Hi folksDoom3 is my first PC game. I know...a hard one and not the typical starter . Anyway I'm at t...

21st October 2004 06:10

to print something you could also makea trigger to a target print give the trigger a name vlaue: scr...

1st June 2010 00:06

SubaruH know when to stop plz, this thread is about a new clonecomander model, make a different thre...

15th June 2010 16:06

this is why i NEVER put modified files in my base folder (except some code stuff from f.e. MBII and...

13th June 2010 23:06

it was most likely overwritten

13th June 2010 16:06

hit the button next to End and under Insert.

12th June 2010 20:06

good modellers are rare, and you my sir are a rare kind

11th June 2010 03:06

the thread... IT'S ALIVE

3rd June 2010 02:06

i've got this problem too you have to wait till it autsaves and than rename the autosave.map i know...

2nd June 2010 20:06

are you running on vista? because i had this too and i ran it on administrator and everything works...

1st June 2010 00:06

nice but what's with the shadow under the evaporator

17th June 2010 02:06

tell me what you need to know and i'll make a tutorial for you

31st May 2010 12:05

nice idea, i think it can be done (at least in mp) need further investiogation to see whether it wor...

29th May 2010 15:05

For NPC SPAwning... You need something to spawn with. do Key:targetname vaule: initial_entity th...

29th May 2010 13:05

without permission from the author you should not and may not use that certain map, whether you have...

28th May 2010 01:05

i will work on this soon, but i have to figure few things out, if you wanna play now you shoudl just...

26th May 2010 22:05

what he said

25th May 2010 22:05

i am going to try finishing the files you need tomrow and post them here, so everyone could get adva...

25th May 2010 02:05

And perhaps the Lich King model. :rofl: :o reading two topics at a time does not work :P

15th June 2010 20:06

I believe it's rock. in that case i would lift the terrain somewaht there

17th June 2010 12:06

mister awesome strikes back, good job

18th May 2010 23:05

it sure as hell is possible, i even managed to with my scripting, it involves altering the npc files...

25th August 2010 01:08

kotf -.-

28th November 2010 18:11

im really (again) happy to see that the mighty coders are setting this straight, but honestly wtf is...

18th October 2010 03:10

so yah, i recently installed a new compiler q3map2 *.*.16 as far as i know, but now when using my ow...

12th October 2010 15:10