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You now there are stone ruins that wil give you some deadric armor for a short time. P.S: i'm new...

7th May 2006 01:05

No the chainsaw in Doom :naughty:

29th June 2006 03:06

Yes it's worth to do that and you only have to get 456,00 mb space free to instal it.

25th June 2006 14:06

max payn is third person

26th June 2006 18:06

It's a third persoon shooter and it make a differents in view :p

26th June 2006 21:06

Al thise talk makes me whant to buy episode 2 even more

27th June 2006 13:06

Or it will bring us closer to hell or heaven. We will find out, I mean NASA will find out.

27th June 2006 13:06

The Cyberdemon from Doom ofcource

27th June 2006 13:06

Try and call Dr. Kleiner or Dr. Vance i sugest you won´t call Dr. Freeman he doesn´t like talking tr...

27th June 2006 16:06

In the game industry there are lots and lots of weapons :naughty:. But i was wondering what your fav...

27th June 2006 18:06

Maby the Gman comes from the 5th Dimension

28th June 2006 00:06

Lol i see Valve and Id software make the best guns

28th June 2006 00:06

O MY GOD I think i have to buy a new video card for thise game, nice screenshots.

29th June 2006 01:06

Don't you get it the are operating on him, he is becoming a stalker. Poor man.

29th June 2006 01:06

Not funny

29th June 2006 03:06

at the studio

29th June 2006 20:06

there just 101010100001011101001 1010101 10101001 codes :p

24th June 2006 15:06


1st July 2006 14:07

Dude there are more gmans :eek:

2nd July 2006 01:07

The gman is a Q like in Star trek

2nd July 2006 15:07

I like the gun from Perfect Dark where you can put him on to a wall and it will shoot down the enemy...

2nd July 2006 15:07

nice pic but i don't think thats from the gameplay its to polist

2nd July 2006 15:07

The railgun of Quake 2 kicks ass if you can overlook the reload time

2nd July 2006 19:07

ANZACSASno no not the railgun the nailgun from quake two! the one that takes the Cells as rounds :p...

2nd July 2006 23:07

i only see 7 :p

2nd July 2006 23:07