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Well, I first came to this forum to advertise my forum. Now I will be a little active and post at ot...

27th May 2007 16:05

'[STPAdm-Medafusion;3701141']Oh and if you want to advertise your site you should probally post in t...

27th May 2007 17:05

Looks like somebody have noticed me...

1st June 2007 19:06

You all feel uncomfortable. (read the rules, read the rules)

3rd June 2007 01:06

What do you mean man?

4th June 2007 21:06

Carmine brothers are made to die... :P I think the other 2 will die too, it's their fate. lol

1st February 2009 20:02

Paladins need mana! I think humans are ok because they have increased spirit.

1st February 2009 20:02

Hey! Welcome. Are you an artist or it's just a nickname?

1st February 2009 20:02

Well, I think it's the queen's guardian. I don't remember his name, he may not have a name though......

1st February 2009 20:02

Hmm... Do you encounter problems with other achievements as well?

1st February 2009 20:02

I think ork warriors are good... They are sure tough..

2nd February 2009 00:02