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Modders, where do you get your textures? Do you make them you make them yourself?

1st May 2003 04:05

There are no sod importers for milkshape, or you cannot import sods?

3rd May 2003 05:05

Is Deep Paint free? If not, do you know any good free paint programs?

3rd May 2003 06:05

What program do you use for making textures?

18th May 2003 06:05

That is an interesting ship indeed. A white rectangle. Or blac, as Major A Payne sees it... 1of1, d...

20th May 2003 04:05

Spartan, a sphere may be weak, but a cube or even a tactical cube could take on any number of Star W...

22nd May 2003 07:05

Originally posted by Darth Servo I'll expand upon that analogy: 8472 weapon: destroy cake by dige...

23rd May 2003 02:05