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Well, for most this will be a waste of time to read, but some may identify with my little identity p...

20th June 2006 11:06

Well, I thought that this thread would receive more negative replies than positive, or helpful repli...

21st June 2006 01:06

Well, I've read countless threads that ask this question, and genreally people point out flaws in ot...

26th June 2006 23:06

I cant shut off Windows Updates. what the hell?

27th July 2006 15:07

you need a Sony DSC-h2 or h5. It's got all you need, minus the wifi and separate sound recording

27th July 2006 15:07

The BEST of the BEST fighting games are as follows: Street Fighter 2 Special Championship Edition...

31st July 2006 12:07

This applies to computers and consoles. I'd have to say for PC a creative and truly imaginative ga...

31st July 2006 12:07

hahahaa...what the hell is that? Dhalsim's sister?

31st July 2006 12:07

barney from half life

31st July 2006 12:07

I think the Virtual Boy was cool for like a month. Great 3-d but the games (aside for Mario Tenni...

31st July 2006 13:07