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yes truely awesome:D

26th October 2003 17:10

But canada has a good chance of coming in 0.6 or 0.61f or whatever, scince Dice are adding them in t...

17th January 2004 23:01

Thanks, but that's german tanks only this is something more what i was lookingfor:

27th December 2003 01:12

"Kämpfer"HTTP 500 - Internal server error That is what i get too

28th December 2003 00:12

S it posible to code the truck to be somewhat similiar to EoDs tailrotor, so if the truck get's hit...

28th December 2003 03:12

Very nice work McGibs:D

30th December 2003 01:12

"Kämpfer"200KB 200MB ;)

30th December 2003 04:12

seems like you're winning the "best of" Model of the year contest too

30th December 2003 23:12

lumpehSeldom does it work though! :lol: i've been kicked a few times because of this despite all the...

31st December 2003 01:12

wern't they two guys? Cliffe and Gooseman?

31st December 2003 01:12

SolarFlareHentai is japanese for 'sexually perverse'. I find alot of anime women attractiv...

31st December 2003 05:12 Yes, it's all t...

31st December 2003 06:12

LOL, /"Hydrogen Centipede"

31st December 2003 06:12

Raven shield is great, manny hours of good playing in the SP-campaign, i have yet to try it out in M...

31st December 2003 07:12

for worls war 2 art, check , that's the site BG42 is using for soe of t...

16th January 2004 23:01

Just like taking a tea-bag outta some tea before that tea gets too damn strong Tea neve get's TOO s...

17th January 2004 23:01

i still don't understand who the fruitucker is! (and i've read all the comics from 1999-12-12 to tod...

26th December 2003 20:12

Also: You CAN run the game with 256 ram and a crappy vid card, but you need to turn everything down...

18th January 2004 01:01


20th January 2004 04:01

Very nice art McGibs:D ooooh, is that one of the carrier versions, as it doesn't have rounded wingt...

25th January 2004 18:01

OT: chicago was the greatest(largest population) "swedish" city sometime in the 19th century:D

29th January 2004 23:01

8 Mbit= 1 MByte

10th February 2004 22:02

Stalingrad by Anthony Beevor is indeed a very good book :D Has anyone read anything by Cornelius Rya...

14th February 2004 08:02

I think the black rider is Major Hartmann, one dof the devs said something yesterday about him hunti...

15th February 2004 03:02

That would be toooo coooool! Will Each country get their own tractors? I know germany was the only c...

19th February 2004 08:02