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Can anyone help me? When i load halo and get to what i guess is the menu screen, it just flashes blu...

19th October 2004 12:10

So if this is the brush in 2d: 90 __ I I 180 I_I 270 Right? Since I don't see the angl...

2nd August 2009 14:08

I've created a lovely smoke texture but I haven't got a clue how to put an alpha channel in it and I...

19th August 2009 12:08

He's talking about radiant, I think. I think the answer is no, but you could of course clone the old...

18th August 2009 16:08

in the dlls

18th August 2009 08:08

What about using screenshots of textures in-game or in the kotor tool?

17th August 2009 08:08

How do you port textures from KOTOR? (For personal use only, of cooourse...)

15th August 2009 09:08

I still thinks the red needs to be a bit darker: http://www.owenscustoms.com/sev1.JPG is in a well l...

12th August 2009 09:08

You have to get the SDK and edit the game's dll's with C++.

7th August 2009 15:08

Lol, what a funny thread, we first heard tons of excuses and now his life story. Please don't close...

3rd August 2009 06:08

You don't need any programming skills to make a simple mod... what you said would take about 5 minut...

2nd August 2009 17:08

Yes, I do now, thanks a lot. I wonder what crazy guy removed that in 1.5,

2nd August 2009 17:08

I don't think so... but why would you want that?

2nd August 2009 13:08

Yes, I thought that was obvious enough... I don't think it's possible to have alpha in jpegs, Raven...

19th August 2009 13:08

60$ for such a bad connection? Man, you make it sound like a third world country where you live.

2nd August 2009 11:08

Okay, thanks, I'll try it. But I'm wondering: how do you know I should use 90 and not another value?

1st August 2009 14:08

Huh? You mean that if you check the 'facing' box, you have to give angle the value 90?

1st August 2009 13:08

Well, here is a 2d screenie, but how would you tell from this what angle you need?

1st August 2009 11:08

Only the system shaders' images are missing, as you can see in the screenshot. I don't really mind,...

1st August 2009 10:08

I did use system/trigger on the brush, the image is just missing (dunno why). What value for 'angle'...

1st August 2009 09:08

It's a trigger_once, but that shouldn't matter much. The thing that says access denied is of co...

31st July 2009 10:07

I've been trying to make a switch using two func_usables, one off and one on, and a usable trigger c...

30th July 2009 18:07

It's pretty obvious from Episode IV that rebel soldiers' pistols can penetrate a stormtrooper's armo...

30th July 2009 18:07

Have you done exactly what is says here: models/players// { surfaceparm metalsteps q3map_nolight...

30th July 2009 17:07

A lego torso is stiff, unlike a humanoid backbone. So you'd need to make a new gla as well. Too much...

8th July 2009 10:07