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try midway

27th October 2004 00:10

because it the moste realistic nobody plays it. you dont see at what you shooting at an that is f#ck

15th November 2004 00:11

:bows: :moon: :beer: :)

29th November 2004 04:11

i had just saw on that the realeas date is 24-03-2005. and i cant f##ing wait. it wil...

27th November 2004 03:11

stiil need help over here please

20th November 2004 23:11

like waht what is the name??????

20th November 2004 01:11

i get the same message. the map i choos is totally black. cant see sh#it. i need some help and i upd...

20th November 2004 00:11

alright russian warfare

18th November 2004 02:11


17th November 2004 20:11

CORRUPT DATA then it chrashes to the desktop and no didt clean them

17th November 2004 00:11

every month i get a message with corrupt data id tried reinstaling i formatted my comp and i look...

14th November 2004 21:11

its fricking awsome dude

29th October 2004 00:10


13th November 2004 06:11

dude when you start bf1942 go to multiplayer and click on update maybe this will help

13th November 2004 03:11

i wish that you can drive the hummer with a real steerwheel that woud rock

12th November 2004 01:11

that boot is in FH. gold beach and iwo jima

12th November 2004 01:11

lol nice pics

12th November 2004 00:11

remember remove erverything of bf1942

4th November 2004 00:11

do you have the 1.6 patch

30th October 2004 18:10


30th October 2004 18:10

i downloade it 3, 4 times in a week stil corupted data

26th December 2004 01:12