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If I remember correctly, there was never a gamedata folder with a fresh install of stalker, only aft...

4th May 2007 20:05

Do any of you know if there is a way to make it so that a unique armor (or weapon) uses a different...

4th May 2007 16:05

It's right in the w_knife.ltx all you gotta do is change the fire_distance to a higher number. ;)

28th April 2007 21:04

Here: http://www.savefile.com/files/670571

26th April 2007 07:04

Most of the mods that I've seen released are weapon/armor/weather mods, not sure about what features...

26th April 2007 01:04

Config/misc/outfit_upgrades I believe is where it's at.

3rd March 2009 06:03
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