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Dread thinks I'm a special person

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I just went to the gym for a bunch one time when I was playing and havent been back since.And still...

18th November 2004 04:11

What does QFT mean?

26th June 2005 23:06

No, I don't.

29th June 2005 01:06

Well of course their are shitty T.V. shows because their are so many channels. Their are lots of goo...

29th June 2005 01:06

Their are plenty of thing I'm willing to fight for. The war in Iraq is not one of them.

28th June 2005 23:06

I dont believe in "God" so I do not believe he wrote the bible. I was just saying it's dumb to just...

28th June 2005 22:06

BriareosThe entirety of the Bible cannot be taken word-for-word. There are plenty of believers who t...

28th June 2005 19:06

Dude you should watch the show about the street you live on. You might learn some useful info.

28th June 2005 04:06

X-CCrunches can technically burn fat around the waste. The amount it burns isn't too significant. To...

26th June 2005 23:06

mario 64

30th June 2005 05:06

No I don't. But I bet when you are 18 you will be banging 13 year olds. I would of answered you nice...

26th June 2005 19:06

yod@i propose that an alien came seeded the earth not god . i believe that it was an alien that crea...

26th June 2005 19:06

You are a retard and you are 14. Thats probably why you don't understand.

26th June 2005 19:06

crunches won't reduce your gut. You can't spot reduce only spot gain. Sorry contender I had to say i...

26th June 2005 03:06

Im at 155 and no matter what I eat my weight won't change. Ill lose or gain some weight for a couple...

26th June 2005 00:06

Level 5 good thing I don't believe in hell.

24th June 2005 18:06

!moofActually, Ekips, single-celled organisms are quite complex. not in comparison to humans.

24th June 2005 09:06

Pethegreatâ„¢Yeah, Kids don't need to live with 2 men or 2 woman parents. Their is no opposite gender...

29th June 2005 19:06

starcraft 2 GTA 6

30th June 2005 05:06

I like America but I hate most Americans.

24th June 2005 06:06

That bastard better not try to make it to the pacific northwest or Ill kick it's ass. Ive never actu...

8th July 2005 19:07

By the time I buy another video game I'll be 17 so I don't give a shit.

14th July 2005 20:07

Id do what neo did.

14th July 2005 02:07

Get a Web designer.

12th July 2005 00:07

Yeah I have microsoft flight sim 2004. You should also get a yoke.

11th July 2005 19:07