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i donwloaded the Conflict in Somolia mod and i got it as a rar file type..is there a program i can d...

23rd September 2004 09:09

those look nice

4th November 2004 05:11

Hey sorry if this is the wrong fourm but do any of you know about maps to practice flying on?...just...

20th October 2004 05:10

never mind i found it...also there was no edit command sosorry for the follow up post

20th October 2004 08:10

is 128mb card decent for gaming?

23rd October 2004 07:10

Okay my BF just started messing uo when i try to play online/join a server....it says "Data differs...

30th October 2004 13:10

yes.. i bought the anthology pack/i've had the game for awhile and its worked fine....but all the su...

31st October 2004 01:10

looks cool but similar to wasteland 2042

31st October 2004 01:10

have you ever played online....like you got into the game and was playing?

31st October 2004 01:10

play a local game to use them..i myself would never use a sub online..but then again i've never thou...

2nd November 2004 08:11

oh trust me they are :cool: :lol:<~me laughing at people who don't have a xbox or halo

11th November 2004 06:11

ahh okkay thanks for the translation ...the street looks pretty wide....looks like 4 of those bmp t...

17th October 2004 08:10

i don't think you can.

16th November 2004 00:11

make their helos be able to take more damage.....and not give everyone a freakin Stinger(or w/e it w...

16th November 2004 00:11

theres an above ground bunker in the middle of the level and then around it theres a leadge that goe...

16th November 2004 01:11

I heard theres a different ending if you beat it on legendary...can any of you clarify this?:confuse...

16th November 2004 02:11

no :[ and it sucks because some the levels are hella long

16th November 2004 02:11

sounds cool but i wouldn't be able to help

16th November 2004 11:11

uhh...its a close tie between Coagulation, Headlong, and Zanzibar...but i think.. Coagulation wins.....

16th November 2004 12:11

its pretty cool....big map 2 fairly large bases...a ghost, wraith, m12 LAAV(i forgot if theres somti...

18th November 2004 01:11

i agree about it being more affective..once i got in the rocket arty...dang i forgot the name all th...

20th October 2004 05:10

Do u have the name of the server?....somtimes the IP adress dosen't work for me.

15th October 2004 22:10

isn't it already free?

24th September 2004 22:09

yeah i just want to get a reletavly cheap computer with just enough extra crap to run that game we...

29th September 2004 06:09

I don't think CoD could kill BF..there two completly different games...ones(BF,of course) a startegy...

28th September 2004 00:09
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