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you should take Trinity examination cause its easier and about this mod you can ask someone else......

22nd April 2005 23:04

"Hey, who's there?" A sudden feminine voice echoed around the cave. Gordon Freeman stared hard into...

10th May 2005 15:05

i meant like c17_01,02,03...

10th May 2005 14:05

there's so many maps with combines and striders... what is the exact map name?

9th May 2005 15:05

mad cow_13So after about 1000 hits they'll die? I'd try it, but I don't have that patience. i do h...

7th May 2005 14:05

no... it'll kill them by 0.11 % of their health

6th May 2005 21:05

oops sorry got carried away maybe i shouldn't type anymore i cant remember getting strike 1 though...

4th May 2005 16:05

correct ... absolutely correct...

3rd May 2005 16:05

it nearly became one...

29th April 2005 21:04

its singlish

28th April 2005 18:04

i wish i had gotten gold ... got the collector's edition instead

26th April 2005 15:04

he should cut his hair.

24th April 2005 21:04

i said already ... i dont know how to operate. someone give me a manual...

24th April 2005 21:04

metal_militiaWhy, cant you blink for yourself? i might have trouble trying to blink at what you're...

24th April 2005 21:04

you can never trust online dictionaries nowadays...

22nd April 2005 23:04

what about incorparating Blinking Technology or some thing like them. like you blink your eyes yeah...

22nd April 2005 22:04

wigglewormI like the beaty ones on the coast. Like the ones on the Bink video previews of the coast...

12th May 2005 14:05

you seem very interested in music. do you have a grade or something like that?

21st April 2005 16:04

thats a little too unrealistic... the damn thing is too heavy... too big... too smelly to fit into o...

21st April 2005 16:04

you might have a point... but then again it's useless... as always

21st April 2005 16:04

how can he and alyx have time to marry??? -.-

21st April 2005 15:04

so how do you have weapons fitted nicely??

21st April 2005 15:04

you see... this guy here can make the weapon fit so nicely into the hands and even makes the weapon...

20th April 2005 20:04


20th April 2005 20:04

... sad then ...

20th April 2005 20:04