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23rd was a realy good update, the 02 wasnt, i've seen the movies seem awesome

8th May 2007 10:05

Cruel nice!

30th October 2008 03:10

ofc it is!

17th November 2008 22:11

Battlefield Pirates has a scope pipe visable when you aim with the sniper there.... I dont underst...

14th November 2008 21:11

Very nice!!

12th November 2008 20:11

.Invictus.;4672729The No4 just has the AT gun sound. And I can't say if the MP40 sound is better or...

11th November 2008 23:11

'[FtN|GT Die Happy;4675820']it is called REINFORCEMENTS for the defenders and as the others pointed...

11th November 2008 23:11

Let the Hero take the time he needs! edit* Om nice!

6th November 2008 05:11

.Invictus.;4665542M1 had reduced rate of fire in comparison with the 1928 so it should have less rec...

5th November 2008 21:11

nice to see some good mappers :) why not try mapping for fh2 ?

5th November 2008 21:11

30th October 2008 04:10

Oh happy day!!

23rd October 2008 13:10

N24Reporter;4687589My Dad owns a Peacemaker. :) my granpa owns a pacemaker

21st November 2008 22:11

sry... it wasnt i the right size .... download this Tigerwallpaper.rar - FileFront.com

19th October 2008 22:10

Just for you m8 :) tigers <3 download http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x6/elander91/Tige...

19th October 2008 19:10

I would guess all maps... when its released...

17th October 2008 22:10

Lovely to me!

16th October 2008 20:10

Who knows... the 1.50 patch might even help FH with lots of things... like naval warfare... and some...

15th October 2008 13:10

well... if the devs are aiming for a after bf2 patch release... we will have to wait until winter .....

13th October 2008 23:10

the pircutre (weapon and soldier) is from Korea Mod.... and map/background... i dont know

12th October 2008 14:10

Its all about processor and a gpu with atleast 512mb : Quad core, Quad core, Quad core!! and 4 gig...

12th October 2008 14:10

Herr Mik;4623742cmon i want a update! ive seen that maru nostrum banner for too long now :rolleye...

10th October 2008 18:10

Dzanic;42799611.] Sound has to be adjusted so it sounds more realistic. Revolver and other small-cal...

8th October 2008 12:10

BGF mod developing is dead. Update #71 – Closing the shop 11.16.2008 12:25 pm BFG TeamDear Bat...

18th November 2008 02:11

haha, AA glitch was also fun

23rd November 2008 17:11