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No input is useless when one is bored....Like me :PP Go Pr0-filer :)

10th December 2001 08:12

Ion Storm is something I know from C&C2, but, I have no clue how it could be in any relation wit...

18th September 2002 05:09

The game runs perfectly well for me with all settings at their highest. I am running it on a Duron 6...

18th September 2002 05:09

That sounds just great! I am wondering though: how can you possibly finance something like that ?

17th September 2002 05:09

It looks like a very well made game to me. It is little innovative though. The only real new thing I...

17th September 2002 06:09

Thanks...It didn't help me much cause the game already runned perfectly well..except for one big cra...

18th September 2002 05:09

Yea, well, but people are ignoring the thread topic like they aren't even there... thats not good, n...

18th September 2002 05:09

Cat Woman :) I just love her :p Would you choose a woman with a ugly face and a godlike body or...

18th September 2002 05:09

Congrats with your 1kth post Wolf Umbra!

18th September 2002 05:09

Stop that spamming Wolf Umbra! Filejune: whos that chick you have as an avatar ?

18th September 2002 05:09

No, they won't. Saddam only wants power...and since he would loose all his power when he would kill...

18th September 2002 05:09

Anyone interested in designing such a shirt ? :)

18th September 2002 05:09

No more smilie spam then I guess....oh well, lets continue it with ascii art then!

18th September 2002 05:09

mwha, who cares about ranks like that...it doesn't give you any new rights or options ...

18th September 2002 05:09

hehe more then 2k2 posts, you = really sick filejune :p j/k

20th January 2003 11:01

Its a seperate game, not an expansion. Look here for more details on this game: http://www.blizzard....

13th March 2003 07:03

The admins should not be listed at every forum as beeing a moderator.

31st March 2003 19:03

Hehe, well, I wonder if the games even work still....I mean, warcraft: Orcs & Humans on a 3.06 G...

29th January 2003 03:01

Haha, why did you get the war2bne ?

29th January 2003 09:01

You cannot compare those two: Stalin was actually mighty, hussein only thinks so himselves.

15th September 2002 03:09

I cant wait!

1st May 2002 20:05

You say you both are able to join public games, but is that also the case if one of you two creates...

6th July 2002 00:07

I sure hope it comes back up :/

3rd July 2002 22:07

You are just a softy KillFrenzy :P

4th July 2002 03:07

I is really nice to develop your own bot and then play him and see him get better :) You guys should...

4th July 2002 03:07