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How do you make a map for the JK:A? I am new and need the easiest way to make a map, any help?

17th January 2004 13:01

Thnx, this will be great help!

18th January 2004 12:01

Eyy, Tk-409! You were going to make my skin, i have been waiting for a week now! You were going to...

26th January 2004 15:01

I Agree! Luminara and Barriss Rock!! Prrrr I love them in the book and in the movie!! Prrrrrr

26th January 2004 17:01

w00t:D Thanks man, i really look forward to him.

27th January 2004 15:01

I think that the mod Jedimoves JA+ increases the limit to 32! Check it out at www.jedimoves.com (btw...

1st February 2004 14:02

Looks great!

1st February 2004 20:02

Heh, there is no need to thank me for patience, I thank you for being so kind as to make me a skin....

6th February 2004 17:02

Same, Same:D

6th February 2004 17:02

Hi i'm back, sorry but my internett broke down for some time, btw how is my skin going? Sorry, i did...

14th March 2004 14:03

Wow, that was awesome, just like i pictured it. Many, many thanks. :bows: :noddin...

16th March 2004 17:03