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I was adding hardpoints to my Delta Class model on MilkShape and saved it on to .SOD. When I try to...

27th February 2005 11:02


9th October 2005 08:10

I am still sending it in FileFront though and I'm not planning to release it on ArmadaFleetCommand,...

8th October 2005 12:10

What sort of things do they say?

8th October 2005 13:10


8th October 2005 19:10

Yeah but I need a list of quotes!

9th October 2005 08:10

Would you suck my balls?

9th October 2005 08:10

Wanker! Wanker! Wanker!

9th October 2005 08:10

(Imitates STGamerNew2002) Then how am I going to ask PERMISSION if I DON'T KNOW the EMAIL ADDRESS, a...

8th October 2005 10:10

hsgfuyr hjbsopxuuoearjfd oq 3rti jh boieri idhtrinkb

9th October 2005 08:10

I had now replied just to say I am extremely sorry for creating what you see as the worst FileFrone...

9th October 2005 09:10

Ah, it does'nt matter. I have made my own without having to watch nemisis, and they're agressive as...

9th October 2005 09:10

I'll just stick to yours, Achilles. I am also sorry to Adam who made the Reman textures, I hope he w...

9th October 2005 10:10

Can anyone find me some good Reman voices, or even better, make your own? Send me an email containin...

8th October 2005 10:10

I am sorry for the trouble but I have to use them, and I'll release it whether you like it or not. A...

8th October 2005 08:10

Then... err... edit the SOD, with, I think... MilkShape 3D...

15th October 2005 17:10

I think he means edit them?

24th September 2005 14:09

I don't know how too, but I know someone who does. His name is Twitch and his email adress is [email...

17th September 2005 14:09

Someone's been looking in the .zip file...

17th September 2005 16:09

Sometimes this has nothing to do with swap file sizes. Mabye a certain ODF file has either a missing...

17th September 2005 19:09

I think he means edit them?

24th September 2005 14:09

Why don't you use the scaleSOD thing?

2nd October 2005 14:10

Hi, I was starting to work on a Reman full race mod by making some of the basic elements, the Starba...

1st October 2005 10:10

I just found out the problem now and it is sorted! I realised it was a ship name of the Reman Starba...

1st October 2005 12:10

Hey! Someone's looking in the .zip file! :D :D :D

2nd October 2005 07:10