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this is gonna sound sad but... LESS FIGHTING! all you get is a big gun, i'd honestly prefer to expl...

21st October 2002 03:10

yeah and remeber that I was the first to do it - there aint any stargate ships currently out!! i wa...

14th November 2002 15:11

this is the ship... a Goa'uld Death Glider anyone who watches the show that these are in email me at...

14th November 2002 03:11

no - my friend did the moddeling I just did the scripting and some texture inprovments

14th November 2002 05:11

Originally posted by spoot_smeg I have made glyder models as well but I cant get it to work either...

14th November 2002 05:11

yeah sorry that was a bit dark -- heres a better one

14th November 2002 05:11

makin every ship, not just Goa'uld! PS. its Shol'var not Sho'var - sheesh

14th November 2002 05:11

oh and its also the Tar're not the humans cos some (like lot'as) still worship the Gods

14th November 2002 05:11

like when Apophis attackes us? yeah that'd be sweet but i don't think u can program planets to shoo...

14th November 2002 05:11

don't steal my jokes - and don't diss my good ideas!!! u got a better one i'll practise suggestions

14th November 2002 05:11

yes- yes i have do u watch stargate? SG1

14th November 2002 06:11

yeah sorry - i was showin off a bit

14th November 2002 23:11

won't that rplace the stock ship?

13th November 2002 19:11

have u got ICQ, MSN, or Yahoo!? i may have a job for u

15th November 2002 01:11

me niether but i only saw it once i forgot what it looks like

16th November 2002 08:11

i gave them a new AI string and they seem to like it - instead of shootin once or twice circling a m...

16th November 2002 21:11

Okay I want to add a Phaser to each wing of my BOP. Only problem is, is that their slanted and I ca...

21st November 2002 23:11

what ships is it because i ALWAYS wanted some tiny ship that small thats like, little, weak shields,...

14th December 2002 03:12

yes, that was from i think theres also a Cheop class in the works but I am working on my own and I h...

18th January 2003 01:01

who are u, u got no profile - since u like stargate add [email]wasywon@hotmail.com[/email] to ur MSN...

14th November 2002 02:11

doin the death glider now same problem as the Cheop class - just the cursor with a black screen, i d...

13th November 2002 05:11

Originally posted by Trekie How do i repair a star ship in Qbattle please tell me.....................

21st October 2002 03:10

as well as my Galaxy project I am also making a little mod that may or may not get published but any...

26th October 2002 21:10

Originally posted by Galaxy Class That faked core breach was the most skillful use of pyrotechnics...

21st October 2002 03:10

Originally posted by UFP Definately cool. Would be nice is someone made it for BC, but where are t...

21st October 2002 03:10
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