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im looking for deep space nine files so i can build it in the game as a starbase. i thought i saw on...

28th December 2003 06:12

how do i change it to a normal version then?

28th December 2003 11:12

is the DS9 for armada 2?

28th December 2003 11:12

i'd like DS9 and if someone could make a map where it takes a long time to warp because i wanna try...

15th January 2004 06:01

i want a big map maybe one not to big but like 6400 by 6400 or is that small well i dunno sizes but...

15th January 2004 10:01

i've tried over and over again to mod a map but it always crashes can someone help me out please

26th January 2004 07:01