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Can any1 tell me if any1 ever made any skins to resemble the movie 300, and Troy, and even Gladiator...

12th August 2007 21:08

Me and my clan plays this game still. Every day we have at least 20 - 30 people on my server, someti...

18th April 2008 01:04

Bringing this back up again... goto www. empireofancients . tk lose the spaces in between. And u can...

2nd December 2007 01:12

LoL good ol Hatrus,,, He used to be my clan leader,,, what ever happened to him?

2nd December 2007 01:12

The Empire of Ancients is once again holding open recruitment. I had stepped down as leader of EoA f...

15th March 2008 00:03

lol about 32 now... and counting,, come join us

17th April 2008 11:04

Im so tired of these self professed hacker losers in the JA community. I run a 32 slot server and i...

18th April 2008 01:04

ja plus 2.4 beta 3

18th April 2008 02:04

I am new to running a server, and there really isnt a comprehensive list out there of all server con...

20th October 2007 22:10

well since i started using 2.4 beta 3 q3 fills have stopped, but this kid seems to think he can shut...

18th April 2008 02:04

Trust me thats not an every day pracitce of my members. can you kindly tell me who the perps were an...

1st May 2008 04:05

The empire is always looking for a few good souls. We are the Empire Of Ancients. U can see our deta...

13th May 2008 05:05

Escaped Turkey my server provider is going thru some changes, and it appears my server IP will be ch...

17th May 2008 20:05

sorry for the double post, i couldnt figure out how to edit for some reason,... Long day i guess. An...

18th May 2008 21:05

Niad LMAO,, we already Posted this here like 3 months ago,, but i like the enthusiasm

28th October 2007 01:10

Which program do u use to modify .sab files... Forgive me im retarded when it comes to this stuff.

5th October 2007 02:10

FTL = For the loss and con some1 post a link to ol ben of the mb2 spartan skins

12th August 2007 23:08

You must have me confused with some1 else,, but hey whats up :P

19th August 2007 05:08

Here is the New Server IP since ET raised their rates... IP: Port: 29071 Slots: 20...

13th August 2007 00:08

thanx for the help,,, ill check these out later when i get home from work..

13th August 2007 01:08

this is an awesome idea,,,, Are u gonna be able to walk inside?

13th August 2007 01:08

WTH is a Moogle!?!

13th August 2007 01:08

SIck DUDe.... very cool skin,,, any others out there for trojans and romans etc

13th August 2007 05:08

Im no modder so i wont touch it,,, any1 else who feels up to it go right aahead,,, im still lookin f...

13th August 2007 22:08

In MY server, it is a FFA map and Game type but Laming is Prohibited in the Primary Dimension. THis...

20th August 2007 01:08
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