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i lost the sticker that goes on the input connectors.:bawl: would some 1 plz reply with the color of...

3rd November 2005 16:11

Nope all went down last night on the test server lol. (Blizz Test Server) Check out the queue time...

21st August 2006 01:08

thx for the input :p I do use firefox with adblock and java (love this browser) thx for the link me...

6th March 2007 12:03

As the title shows im not sure what software to run during online activity. ATM i used: Trend Micr...

6th March 2007 02:03

Ive been off from wow for about meh two or tree months. I dont see myself going back, blizz f up the...

16th February 2007 08:02

My paladin :cya:

27th November 2006 10:11

RenoCz;3264067Rogues arent that good in my opion best class is hunter we own all you buggas lol :P...

12th November 2006 08:11

How about the wc3 expan?

11th November 2006 07:11

Do people still play wc3 online? :feedback:

9th November 2006 06:11

Check it out :0wned: http:/img140.imageshack.us/img140/8623/woouz6.png

20th August 2006 10:08

I dont thk so i have the 1 with Lara Craft on the box. Hope this helps

3rd November 2005 16:11


19th November 2005 08:11

Having problems with my current video drivers was told to use driver cleaner. Driver cleaner is a pr...

14th November 2005 12:11

I also have had guild wars since beta but i thk wow is more fun because u have more things to do. Bu...

12th November 2005 10:11

thx for the replay cant wait to play. :rofl:

12th November 2005 01:11

If i get the game card would i need a credit card to activity an account?

11th November 2005 14:11

:eek::eek: AMD with 3ghz Cant wait to get one.

5th November 2005 08:11

Just go to this forum http://forums.lucasarts.com/forum.jspa?forumID=69 your not the only one having...

5th November 2005 08:11

Yea its sad Some of us in the U.S. havent even played the game so many bugs. lucasArts :moon::moo...

5th November 2005 08:11

Thx a lot dude I did the random connecting, but then i found out i didnt put the card all the way i...

4th November 2005 02:11

I'll just reply to this instead of making another thread. I currently don't have Company of Heroes...

14th December 2007 15:12