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Swedish Elite Tanker

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Very nice model and skin

13th August 2003 11:08

Within two months, maybe...

19th December 2003 19:12

Havent you changed the explosion effects(when tanks blow up)? They look exacly like the ones in vani...

23rd January 2004 22:01

Yes please, reduce the amount of flags on crete, the flag hopping aint that much fun =/

19th January 2004 13:01

Nice dildo

19th January 2004 03:01

If the Bf1942 1.6 patch doesnt come this friday im going LOCO!!! Bf1942 1.6 patch means FH 0.6 patc...

19th January 2004 02:01

Hmmm the devs are sleeping =/

19th January 2004 02:01

Wow this thread rocks!

19th January 2004 01:01

They will release FH 0.6 after bf1942 1.6 patch arrives. And I fully agree with that.

18th January 2004 13:01

How about NO, the two mods are too different :P And the rivalry between the mods is all good :naugh...

16th January 2004 21:01

Very nice screens :) :) :) 16 days left of Januari, dammet I cant wait for Fh 0.6 =)

15th January 2004 20:01

Well they want 0.6 to be perfect, that takes a while :P

19th December 2003 19:12

More BIG tanks like IS-2, Königstiger etc would be awesome!!! But not likely :(

15th December 2003 15:12

Königstiger in Fh 0.6? and what about IS-2?

24th January 2004 02:01

Yes the swedish UBER(well i hope so :)) mod Silent Heroes, theres something to play waiting for FH 0...

15th December 2003 15:12

New maps!

15th December 2003 15:12

New maps!!!

12th December 2003 15:12

The Panthers were Medium Tanks(german classed), not heavy... Good model btw :)

29th November 2003 12:11

I looked in my crystal ball, at least 20 more days of updates before FH 0.6 :D

18th November 2003 02:11

There are many more updates coming, dont be worried :)

18th November 2003 02:11

VeryPissedOffRobYou've been in MasterMinder's medical cabinet again haven't you?:p lol Rob you sure...

18th November 2003 01:11

Yes I am an adult too, over 20 :)

18th November 2003 01:11

Rob why were your admin abilities removed?

18th November 2003 01:11

Rad is the new star of FH, is he from the MC crew? It seems like he skins everything nowadays :) He...

18th November 2003 01:11

I dont like the edit button :)

18th November 2003 01:11