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Christmas times has come Spoiler: Show

7th December 2008 21:12

JM_Bane;4681574You remind me of someone... but I can't seem to remember who.:( I seem to be reminde...

16th November 2008 00:11

ConstanceJill;4601286Nice one :] Can you please post the link to clean version ? :D Here you got ma...

27th September 2008 15:09

You should visit the Kyoto Temple and take a look at Akihabara in Tokyo :

9th October 2008 22:10

Legolas*;4622478wait i dont see it... You gotta be blind then, look at both of my eyes and you see...

9th October 2008 22:10

Blew a blood vessel in my eye yesterday :< This is the outcome of it :<

9th October 2008 21:10

new one from me Spoiler: Show

6th October 2008 10:10

Me preparing for Desucon :p Wig, costume and beads, all I need is the ears :p Don't judge me :B

7th September 2008 14:09

6/10 Not totally awesome but I like the effects in it

7th September 2008 14:09

Renma from another website. I gonna rate yours 7/10 -1 for Sasuke from Naruto :p

3rd August 2008 22:08

I'm soon gone too, heh

3rd August 2008 22:08

See ya guys later XD The Dane is going wild

3rd August 2008 22:08

9/10 not bad at all, it's pretty interesting and the text fits well

3rd August 2008 22:08

Yes, I believe it is from an h-game, not that I give a darn, and I checked S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s backgrou...

3rd August 2008 12:08

hmmm.... Spoiler: Show

3rd August 2008 11:08

Such an interesting day (Why did my usertitle change back? XD)

4th August 2008 19:08

I'm waiting for it XD He have read :p Spoiler: Show

3rd August 2008 22:08

9/10 same reasons as yesterday XD

4th August 2008 19:08

Mr. Pedantic;4527221I agree wholeheartedly with Raptor on this one. very disturbing. Isn't as distu...

24th August 2008 11:08

nananan...I still enjoy bloody backgrounds...I got a short memory, might be I've posted this before...

23rd August 2008 22:08

Meh, other one had bad resolution so I changed it. Her hair color is a bit different for some reaso...

9th August 2008 19:08

Yea, it was 800x600, so I had so stretch it, lol

9th August 2008 00:08

nanana... Spoiler: Show

8th August 2008 18:08

Darkness FTW

8th August 2008 02:08

6/10 seen you lurking around :B

4th August 2008 19:08