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I'm not sure if I should take that as a good thing or a bad thing, lol. The heck did you think I wou...

5th August 2008 09:08

Shakugan no Shana

5th August 2008 03:08

Since I can't edit last post...I changed background pretty fast XD Spoiler: Show

5th August 2008 01:08

N88TR;4484141Are there those cat ears on that blonde/redhead?? Those things creep me the fuck out....

4th August 2008 23:08

Naah, smiling isn't any fun :p

4th August 2008 21:08

I got weird hair, lol

4th August 2008 21:08

This thread deserves a facescan Also, sad to see ya leave AzH

5th January 2009 10:01

It's the color of blood so of course I like red >:3

6th July 2009 22:07

9/10 don't know how to put it but it looks nice :p

15th July 2009 02:07

And now someone completely random which is not a subject of the thread. Neko with huge gun :D

11th July 2009 07:07

You got loooots of stuff in your taskbar :p

8th July 2009 19:07

Junk angel;4942133Do japanese usually have teeth as bad? That picture actually freaks me out somewh...

8th July 2009 07:07

Am I a newfag or something then since I have only been here for 3 :

6th July 2009 22:07

Hmm, I got no witty comments this time, here's my new wallpaper http://img.fsgatelands.com/images/p...

3rd August 2009 16:08

Miiii Miii Mariiiisaaaa http://img.fsgatelands.com/images/uw7wna0ax9cluketi2pb.jpg

6th July 2009 19:07

Me at Soracon 2009 which were held at Oslo Congress Center the 21st of June :p *Hides crew badge* :&...

5th July 2009 19:07

ConstanceJill;4935218Lucky Star cosplay ? But I can't really tell Konata from Kagami on this pic :hm...

1st July 2009 15:07

Nyan Nyan Nyan http://img.fsgatelands.com/images/cwdp9q5j7axi28on4egz.jpg

30th June 2009 18:06

Several... I tend to yell out "Damn banana!" instead of swearing, keeps me out of problems x3 But,...

1st August 2009 11:08

BlitZ, The 57th;4965636Aaaahhhh.... :love: Not my girlfriend if that's what you mean x3 It's a cosp...

3rd August 2009 20:08

WiseBobo;4989523How much would a sixpack cost for you to ship it to me? Hahaha, well, they cost 3 b...

29th August 2009 08:08

These, and please, do not ask...I just collect <.< http://img.fsgatelands.com/images/rzs93stk...

29th August 2009 08:08

WiseBobo;4989375where the fuck did you get that? Surge has not been around in years. Is that still a...

29th August 2009 07:08

Showing off my Urge drink (known as Surge in the US, a couple of years ago, many years ago x3)

29th August 2009 02:08

I might be going back to WoW with this expansion too, it looks promising and damn interesting, espec...

22nd August 2009 18:08