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mondogeneratorSo whats to stop all the '733t' pilots just spawning as the pilot class and having 99%...

8th February 2004 00:02


8th August 2004 10:08

I'm sure something changed in the Russian classes. A couple of betas back the maps weren't loading f...

13th August 2004 10:08

I highly doubt that they will. Plenty of the current maps have crashed out during load ups. It will...

13th August 2004 10:08

You may reconsider when you play those no fog maps.

13th August 2004 09:08

WaW maps won't work with 0.65

13th August 2004 08:08

You won't have to worry too much about that scenario.

12th August 2004 23:08

Not a good map and if I get a chance to vote for it not being in the next release I'll be in favour...

11th August 2004 15:08

Things come in an order of importance I guess. At the moment it's more important for the latest buil...

7th August 2004 13:08

Remodelled as well actually. Lobo touched up the modelling. Aces skinned it.

13th August 2004 15:08

D-Fensare you a beta tester? Yup.

7th August 2004 10:08

The WZ something rifle is in. None of the others are.

6th August 2004 22:08

You won't be getting the manual early. I can assure you of that.

1st August 2004 23:08

No secrets with Kämpfer around anyway. btw Kämpfer can you e-mail me on the subject of the manual p...

30th July 2004 15:07

the_redstar_swlcan we get a list of the weapon kits that you can find on the ground?? eg the on in b...

30th July 2004 14:07

Close but no cigar. It has it's own unique firing style. I'm sure you'll find it impressive.

30th July 2004 11:07

Q: Are there any more desert maps? A: There are 2 Desert maps. You already know that. They are calle...

13th August 2004 12:08

I was never good with names.

13th August 2004 15:08

0.63f version isn't as stable as you would think.

15th July 2004 09:07

It is. But it only goes to certain classes.

14th August 2004 20:08

There is a pack on Karelia. In the Finnish bunker. Has a K98 and a medkit.

22nd August 2004 11:08

Would there be any reason to remove the 'old maps' if there weren't newer versions available? It see...

19th August 2004 14:08

There won't be a 0.66. The reason why? We have a ton of beta testers. The big things are all being f...

17th August 2004 10:08

It goes up each time it gets patched. In general it works like this. If a lot of stuff is being ad...

16th August 2004 20:08

He certainly has his way with people.

15th August 2004 00:08