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I want to get an average of everybody's frame rate to see how my frame rate stacks up.

24th August 2003 01:08

I did a search for death and there were 1300 or sumpthin like that. THen I did a search for intermis...

3rd September 2003 14:09

THe only ones I can think of ar Monty Python and the Holly grail Open Range Lord of the Ring: Two T...

5th September 2003 16:09

Cpt_NukemNow smile big Zero and put on a happy face! We don't have nasty attitudes:lol: Sometimes th...

4th September 2003 16:09

I talk to my freimd over the phone, and we always kick major but.

4th September 2003 16:09

Yeah seige is great but you can't fly dragons.

4th September 2003 03:09

Now I am playing BFE

4th September 2003 02:09

Pvt_Zabcan we get a list of all the stupid names? :D I don't think there is enough space on this si...

4th September 2003 01:09

Nope I don't play, I will next time though.

4th September 2003 01:09

I am sorry I jumped on you, I was just really tired and I had a headache. The idea is good though.

4th September 2003 01:09

JoeFishthe ones like ".", "CNN field reporter", " " (thats a space), and the really long ones are an...

4th September 2003 00:09

Pvt_Zabhey exploading, you wouldnt happen to play in 21cw would you? What's that?

3rd September 2003 21:09

Yes, full patch, this question has been asked several times.

3rd September 2003 21:09

Here is my new sig made by me I I I \/

3rd September 2003 18:09

I think most of us are just joking we are ot serious, or at least I am.

3rd September 2003 17:09

Are there any updates yet?

3rd September 2003 15:09

THat is why i just stick with DC.

3rd September 2003 14:09

Same here

5th September 2003 19:09

The U.S. and its allies are the only people who follow it though.

3rd September 2003 14:09

StEnat about 12 mph i think it might be quite hard to run ppl over! against the Geneva convention!?...

3rd September 2003 14:09

DC2002i dont think that tank came out of production.. if it would its cannon would probably shoot ar...

3rd September 2003 12:09

SpideyAs for fuel tanks, I never would have thought of that. I thought they were bombs :uhoh: That'...

3rd September 2003 02:09

1. That is a device for in-flight refueling. 2. No, those are fuel tanks not bombs.

3rd September 2003 02:09

No proble, happy to help.

3rd September 2003 00:09

just download this program http://www.irfanview.com/

2nd September 2003 23:09