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I want to be like Revenge

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Capture The Flag isn't bad putting the flag on the stage.

16th July 2005 21:07

LoL nice arcade!

13th April 2005 20:04

The Browser file manager is so slow. I tried using CuteFtp to upload the files in but its even slowe...

27th April 2005 20:04

I want to rent my own server but after looking at all the server rental sites, i just cnt make up my...

27th April 2005 18:04

myfreewebs.net - http://www.myfreewebs.net Right ty everyone, Ima will try it out :).

27th April 2005 17:04

100% FREE hosting; 100% FREE subdomains of your choice OR use your own domains; 100 MB of space, 4G...

26th April 2005 20:04

I found a free web host - http://www.myfreewebs.net/. I'm really bad at these PHP stuffs so do you...

25th April 2005 20:04

Try typing /exec mapcycle.txt in console while ingames. Dunt really noe if it work so just give it a...

21st April 2005 19:04

Oh sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

20th April 2005 20:04

and you sure you got a mapcycle.txt?

19th April 2005 19:04

www.myfreewebs.net www.angelfire.com www.busybits.com

1st May 2005 13:05

Pwnbot is just some bot routes already made for some maps i think and u just need to put it in ur ba...

19th April 2005 19:04

Yes man. Something is damn bothering me. I have too much private tuitions and school homework to kil...

18th April 2005 19:04

Cya! Pal. :D

18th April 2005 19:04

Yes yes heard of mario bros pal still play them!

18th April 2005 18:04

Horizon. Haha maybe he got a few porn sites on his tabs on too........................ :D:D:D

18th April 2005 18:04

................ bet the most patient guy in the world will still say its slow.

30th April 2005 11:04

Arsesoft Explorer. :D

15th May 2005 13:05

yeah the guy who makes it is kind of remote area, and the file is pretty large so it cant be sent vi...

13th May 2005 14:05

Yup. Its a RMG.

9th May 2005 13:05

Yup. That considered illegal. :(

2nd May 2005 18:05

Hello everyone. I'm recently scouting around for an Australian Gameserver provider but couldn't find...

26th June 2007 19:06