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Where are you from pilot??? I'll put you in touch with some really loving...(and I DON'T...

19th October 2004 01:10

Hi everyone. I have a request for Kingdom Hearts II character Xemnas skin and model. I would like ho...

13th November 2006 21:11

Hey i know that is riku, but riku and org XIII members have the same coat so i just tought to have a...

14th November 2006 21:11

Yes im requesting for both model and skin if anyone can do both.

15th November 2006 22:11

I think that keyblade is only in KH2

20th November 2006 21:11

So is anyone up to make at least the model?

21st November 2006 21:11

Ok thank you and good luck wiht the Vincent, its looking good

24th November 2006 00:11

hmm this would look cool in JKA... and TOTALLY OFF TOPIC but r you in a clan?

26th November 2006 01:11

Allright im looking forward to that :D

27th November 2006 02:11

I prefer [COLOR=yellow]yellow[/COLOR]

27th November 2006 22:11

Is it really so? I loved it... yeah the model would be cool wiht the sword included.

1st December 2006 02:12

:uhm: I see all the pics as 100x75 size thumbnails...

9th December 2006 19:12

The coat looks great! Altough the sleeves could be a little longer and i dunno if its just the pic b...

29th December 2006 17:12

Im sorry if im repeating myself but it you could make the sleeves longer just like in sanj's referen...

1st January 2007 21:01